FACT: Improving the customer experience

The UK's leading media arts centre, based in Liverpool, wanted to refresh their customer experience. Sigma was invited to improve their website's UX and the underlying Umbraco content management system.

Duration: 3 months

3 minute read

About FACT

Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (FACT) is the UK's leading media arts centre, based in Liverpool. Offering a unique programme of exhibitions, film and participant-led art projects, they use the power of creative technology to inspire and enrich lives.

The award-winning FACT building is home to three galleries, a cafe, a bar and four state of the art film screens showing the best in independent and mainstream film.

We’re extremely proud of our achievements with the refreshed website that has exceeded all expectations and more than met our objectives. The UX is significantly improved across devices, it has driven more business and the site is reliable and easy to maintain on a daily basis for the FACT staff.

Jen Chapman, Head of Marketing and Communications at FACT

The project 

FACT is dedicated to bringing people, art and technology together. Their website is much more than a communications tool – it’s their shop front, relationship builder, content archive and an ever-changing invitation to the world of FACT.

FACT was experiencing various issues with the usability of the site for visitors and also for their own in-house team in terms of adding and editing content. Sigma was invited to improve the user experience of the website and the underlying Umbraco content management system.

At the beginning of the project, we talked to staff and end-users about why the website was failing and where it could be improved. We looked at quantitative data from analytics and qualitative insights from visitor feedback. Through a series of workshops with FACT, we then collaborated on the design, layout, structure and functionality, and agreed how we could marry end-user goals with the commercial and customer experience objectives of FACT. We also wanted to make sure we didn’t throw away any of the ‘good stuff’.

What we did

  • Reviewed site analytics and user feedback to benchmark the UX on the existing site and identify quick wins for immediate release.
  • Created concept designs and rapid prototype focusing on key areas such as the homepage and What’s On. This resulted in a complete overhaul of the What’s On section, including the categorisation and faceted filtering.
  • Recruited users through social media and intercepted visitors to the FACT building to carry out guerrilla usability testing, both on the existing site and the new prototype.
  • Conducted an iterative UX and creative design process to design new site pages and templates with close involvement from FACT.
  • Introduced PET (Persuasion, Emotion, Trust) theory throughout the site to improve the customer journey and conversion rate.
  • Upgraded Umbraco, the underlying CMS, and implemented the new templates and functionality.
  • Carried out cross-browser and device testing to ensure a mobile-friendly experience.
    Improved the imagery across the site, including the responsiveness of images across devices.